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If you are looking for a place to live in the private sector, you may find some useful suggestions on this page.

General price ranges

Compared to other parts of Europe, rental prices in the Netherlands are generally quite high. However, the rent is still lower than in European capitals such as Paris or London. Within the Netherlands, the rental prices in the centre of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden and Utrecht are higher than in the towns close to these main cities. The following price indications are an estimated average of prices for housing in and around Leiden.

Students normally opt for a room within a house or a flat shared with others. A double room, i.e., sharing your room, is a cheaper possibility. Housing agencies may also rent per room, not necessarily per house / apartment. Within a house or apartment the room prices can differ. A reasonable price for a room ranges between € 250 - € 500. This price depends on the facilities available, the number of persons sharing these facilities and whether it includes water & electricity. (If you succeed in finding a room through ROOfs the rent is likely to be lower).

Apartments, studios or floors ("etages")
The starting price for a studio (one room, own facilities) is about € 450. The price for renting an apartment or a flat within a house also depends on the size and number of rooms. Prices can range between € 650 - € 1000. The water and electricity bills are not always included in the rent. This is normally shared within an apartment block.

Non profit housing associations
Student-to-student housing
HousingAnywhere is a housing partner of Leiden University where exchange and other students coming to Leiden can rent a furnished room from outgoing exchange students who are leaving Leiden for several months. HousingAnywhere operates on a full student-to-student basis, without intermediaries. Students planning to leave Leiden on exchange or internship for a few months can post their rooms on this website for sublet, and other students can respond to these offers immediately.
Website in English:

Duwo short stay housing specialises in providing fully furnished rooms and apartments. These units offer housing to exchange students and foreign guests of educational institutions in Leiden, Delft and The Hague. 
E-mail & Website in Dutch/English: DUWO, with approximately 100,000 rooms offered per year, is the biggest room website in the Netherlands. Since their establishment in 1999, they have already helped approximately 600,000 students to find a room.

Woonnet Haaglanden
Woonnet Haaglanden is an organisation that incorporates several housing organisations (click on ‘contact’ to see all organizations).
Website in Dutch: Woonnet Haaglanden (to register click on ‘inschrijven’).

Vestia stadswonen
Vestia is a large nationally operating housing association with over 89.000 units of housing stock. These houses are divided over many cities and villages in the Netherlands, but the largest concentration of houses is found in the regions Rotterdam and in and around The Hague.
Tel: (070) 356 51 20
Fax: (070) 356 51 35

Visiting address:
Leeghwaterplein 45
2521 DB Den Haag 
Mon t/m Fri: 8:30 uur - 17:00 uur

Unfortunately the website of Vestia is not available in English.

  • Please click on ‘In Den Haag en omgeving’ to find rooms in the Hague.
  • Click on the room(s) that is/are available.
  • If you want to see the details on the room, click on the address in the middle of the screen.
  • If you are interested ‘Interesse in deze woning’ and fill out your personal information.
  • Click on ‘reageer’ to send.

Staedion is one of the ten biggest housing corporations in the Netherlands and is the biggest housing corporation in The Hague. An important part of our mission is to provide housing options for people with a low or medium income, vulnerable people, starters and senior citizens. Staedion is a housing corporation that does more than just rent houses. 
Customer service
Telefoonnummer: 0900 - 1424  (lokaal tarief)
Website in English: Staedion

This website is in Dutch. To view the available rooms/apartments you click on ‘Huuraanbod’. Fill out your preferences:

  • ‘plaats/wijk’ (city/area)
  • ‘type woning’ (type of accommodation, e.g. apartment or ‘studentenhuisvesting’: student accommodation)
  • ‘prijsklasse’ (price class)
  • aantal kamers’ (amount of rooms)
  • ‘vrije sector’ or ‘sociale huur’ (click ‘vrije sector, since the waiting list period is about one month; for sociale huur the waiting list period is 3-6 years). Clik on your preferred apartment/room and click on ‘reageer op deze woning’ (send reaction to this room).

CasaSwap is a worldwide roommate and housing service (primarily for students, but anyone is welcome to sign up!) where you can find new roommates and rent, sublet & swap accommodation with other members.
Website in English: CasaSwap   
Dutch - English Guide 
For your convenience we have created a short Dutch-English Guide to assist you when searching Dutch websites on housing.
aanbieden - to offer 
hospiteren - to interview 
huur - rent 
kaart - map 
kamer - room 
n.o.t.k. - price is negotiable 
plaats - place (city/town) 
prijs - price 
vind - to find 
zoeken - to search

Commercial housing agencies


Warning: please make sure that before dealing with commercial housing agencies, you have read all their rules and regulations and that you are aware of what fees need to be paid when and whether these are refundable. Also make sure that if contracts are only offered in Dutch, these are officially translated. Do not sign anything you cannot read yourself.





The Studenthotel
The Student Hotel in The Hague is the ideal all-inclusive and affordable accommodation for students, interns, researchers, friends and family from near and far. The Student Hotel offers our guests modern, fully furnished rooms with large 40m² shared kitchens, suites with free Wi-Fi, private en-suite bathrooms, 1.000m² of quiet study spaces, lively social areas and most importantly, a safe environment with 24-hour security.

Duinzigt Woonservice

Duinzigt Woonservice BV is one of the oldest and best known rental agencies of The Hague area. Duinzigt Woonservice BV mediates between home seekers and landlords and assist in finding the suitable house. Duinzigt Woonservice offers accommodation ranging from rooms till furnished studios till rental object in the luxury segment. Besides many private landlords also brokers, corporations and institutional investors use the services of Duinzigt Woonservice.

Rental department:
Zeestraat 48
Tel: 070-3606365
Website in English: Duinzigt Woonservice
For housing through this website, you can go to the following page: TheHagueOnLine 


Tourist information

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