Application process

If you want to apply for housing here’s a useful step-by-step guide to help you through the application process.

Before applying for housing

Bachelor, Master, Exchange and Study Abroad students have to apply for admission to Leiden University first, before applying for housing.

1. Submit your complete application for university admission to the Admissions Office
1a. You can now start your application for housing

2. Once you have been accepted you will receive an email with an 'acceptance of admission offer' form attached
3. Complete the housing section on the 'acceptance of admission offer' form

You are responsible for making appropriate arrangements for any required immigration documentation, financial matters and insurance.
• Bachelor, Master, Exchange and Study Abroad students will receive this information upon admission from Leiden University Admissions Office.


Application for housing

Bachelor/Master/Exchange & Study Abroad
1. Complete the housing application form that is applicable to your situation:
• Application form for housing in Leiden and The Hague (excluding BAIS applicants).
• Application form for students following the Bachelor International Studies (BAIS)
2. Pay the housing fee
3. Send proof of payment of the housing fee to the Housing Office

Make sure you have returned the completed application form for housing before the deadline:
• 1 June when starting your studies in August (fall semester)
• 15 November when starting your studies in January (spring semester)

For some of our accommodation you may be entitled to claim rent benefit. For more information please visit the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities or contact the Leidse Rechtswinkel (free legal aid centre).

Availability and allocation policy

• All our accommodation is subject to availability.  
• There is limited availability of student accommodation.  
• The Housing Office cannot guarantee housing for all applicants.

In terms of housing allocation it is important to know that the Housing Office:  
• allocates accommodation on a ‘first come first served’ basis -   
your place on the housing list is determined by the date of receipt of the housing fee;  
• cannot offer accommodation if you miss the housing application deadline;  
• will try to meet your housing preferences as much as possible - subject to availability;  
• is unable to send a second housing offer if you do not accept the first housing offer;  
• will inform you whether housing is available or not;  
• will offer you housing in either Leiden or The Hague depending on availability.

After applying for housing

Once you have submitted the housing application form these are the next steps:

1. You will receive an accommodation offer by email up to 8 weeks after the housing fee payment deadline:
• 1 June when starting your studies in August (fall semester)
• 15 November when starting your studies in January (spring semester) 
2. Respond to the accommodation offer via email within 5 days
3. You will receive confirmation of your housing offer and information about subsequent procedures by email
4. Pay your rent and other costs due in advance (before arrival)
5. Schedule an appointment online to sign the tenancy agreement, sign the contract and pick up the key
6. Register at your local town hall (if necessary)

Signing your tenancy agreement and key collection

In order to sign your tenancy agreement (housing contract) and collect your key you must follow a few steps:

Sign your tenancy agreement
When you have received your contract by email from the SEA Housing office please follow the received instructions in your email.

Please make sure you are well prepared. For signing your contract you need the following:
• Valid ID (passport, national identity card or driver’s license)
• Proof of payment of required housing costs

You must also read the following:
• Draft of the tenancy agreement
• General conditions

You sign for both the tenancy agreement and the general conditions.

Make an appointment before your arrival
At least 5 working days before your arrival in the Netherlands schedule an appointment with the SEA Housing Office only when you:

  • Are not able to make your payments before arrival. In this case you will make the first payments and sign the contract during your arrival appointment.

  • When you signed a contract for a Leiden or Oegstgeest accommodation.

The appointment has to take place in the city where your accommodation is located:

Leiden & Oegstgeest
The Hague

Pick up your keys
You can pick up the keys to your room or apartment from 13.00 onwards on the first working day within your contract period, unless otherwise communicated to you by the Housing Office.

When arranging your arrival keep in mind you can only receive your keys on weekdays during office hours. Picking up the keys before the agreed date is not possible.

You need to bring the following:
• Valid ID (passport, national identity card or driver’s license)
• (a copy) of your signed tenancy agreement

Last Modified: 13-11-2017