Check-out procedure

1.       Final inspection

You will be contacted for a final inspection of your room in the weeks prior to your departure. This is also an opportunity to inform the caretaker of any defects in the property.

2.       Accommodation check-out

Your room has to be empty before 10.00 a.m. on the end date of your contract. You may keep your bed linen and/or kitchen package. For The Hague locations: please take your linen and/or kitchen package with you (not the mattress protector) or throw it away, otherwise a penalty fee of 25 euro will be charged to you. All tenants are responsible for cleaning and closing the common room(s).

3.       Hand in keys

Please hand in your key (attached to their original labels) with a note with your name and address/room number in a closed envelope, before 10.00 a.m., at the appropriate place for your accommodation (see below). If you hand in your key after 10.00 a.m. a penalty fee will be charged, which will be settled with your deposit.


Key deposit per location

Leiden: Hugo de Grootstraat 32

Mailbox of the caretaker

Leiden: Kaarsenmakersstraat

Green mailbox located in the entrance hall

Leiden: Herengracht

Mailbox 35W

Leiden: Hooigracht, Kloosterpoort and Middelstegracht

Mailbox of the caretaker located at the Hooigracht entrance

Leiden: Smaragdlaan

Mailbox at Smaragdlaan 72

Leiden (Oegstgeest): Oranjelaan

Mailbox located in the common room. If you have used a garbage bin card please leave this on the countertop in the kitchen at your location.

Leiden: Hogewoerd 44

Your own mailbox

Leiden: University Lodge

Plexus, Reception desk (no. 5), Kaiserstraat 25, Leiden

The Hague: all locations

DUWO office at Stamkartplein 98, The Hague

For locations in Leiden: Leave the garbage container pass on the desk in your room or apartment, so the new tenant can easily find it when he/she arrives.

4.       De-register at townhall/municipality

Did you reside in the Netherlands for 3 months or longer and did you register at your local town hall? If so you are obliged to inform town hall that you are leaving the Netherlands at least 5 days prior to your departure. In the case of The Hague notification must be given within 5 days of departure. If you move to another address in the Netherlands you will have to register in your new place of residence.

  • Leiden tenants need to go to Leiden Town Hall in person. 

  • Oegstgeest tenants can use this deregistration form . Please send the form together with a copy of your passport to Gemeente Oegstgeest, Publiekszaken, Antwoordnummer 40012, 2300 VJ Oegstgeest (no stamp needed).  

  • The Hague residents need to go to The Hague Town hall in person.


5.       Request deposit refund

Request the refund of your deposit by filling out the deposit refund form. Please upload your proof of deregistration with the municipality as indicated on the deposit refund form. It may take up to 6-8 weeks to receive your refund in busy periods. You will only receive a refund after your contract end date.

6.       Inform relevant authorities

If you have applied for any governmental benefits and/or subsidies (for instance rent benefit - the so-called ‘huurtoeslag’) you are responsible for informing the authorities of your departure.


Last Modified: 10-10-2017